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Among the latest acquisitions are:
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  • case of late 19th century Italian duelling foils with scabbards – used by the popular Italian politician and survivor of 32 duels, Felice Cavalotti, whose last fatal duel was vividly described by Aldo Nadi in The Living Sword

  • the earliest pair of fencing epees to be precisely dated - presented to John Latham at Edinburgh Collegiate School in 1877
  • a pair of beautifully engraved chrome-plated prize sabres presented to the winner of a tournament for masters and amateurs in Vienna in 1898
  • the first fencing equipment catalogue issued by Souzy in 1880
  • a copy of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand, 1899, in a magnificent morocco binding by the master bookbinder Charles Meunier
  • pair of late 19th century French foils made by Souzy with distinctive Renaissance-style decorative brass guards
  • cane singlestick mask
  • Engraving by Frédéric Régamey of a match between the respective professional champions of France and Italy, Kirchhoffer and Conte, in 1896