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Among the latest acquisitions are:
  • Set of three Wilkinson presentation weapons (foil, epee & sabre), inscribed Royal Tournament Champion at Arms (Dismounted) 1924 Lieut. C. A. Kershaw, R. N.

  •  French early 1890s epee stamped LAME GOUPILLE SANS SOIE, nickel-plated steel bowl with fixture underneath from which a square pin protrudes. In 1893 Goupille & Bertrand patented a one-piece guard, handle & pommel with the blade secured by a grub screw, which could be loosened to allow a new blade to be inserted in seconds.

  • pair French late 19th c. epees stamped D Décline St Etienne, the pommels in the form of four lion heads.

  • pair French early 20th c. epees stamped BF in a toothed circle [Balp Fils], the pommels in the form of a large steel plumed helmet.

  • pair French late 19th c. gymnasia sabres stamped G # P [Giuseppe Perez].

  • pair English/French early 19th c. foils stamped SOLINGEN FH [Friedrich Hörster], brass grooved disc guards.

  • pair French late 19th c. foils stamped COULAUX & CIE KLINGENTHAL with brass oak & laurel guards, cast brass handles with floral decoration and brass plumed helmet pommels.


  • French late 19th c. foil stamped LABERARDIERE with brass decorative fig-of-8 guard and spherical pommel.

  • Gouache painting of Lord Desborough, President of the Epee and Sword Club, signed and dated W Howard Robinson 1910. Donated by the Müller/Kullmann family of Dortmund, Germany.

  • Coloured copperplate engravings from Thibault’s L’académie de l’espée, 1628.

  • Late 19th c. spelter fencer 45 cm high entitled Assaut de Sabre by the French sculptor Joseph Francois Belin.